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LSE Camp Days

We offer day and summer camp days!

The dates listed below are tentatively booked due to the pandemic and weather conditions. 

Spring Break Pony Camp Day

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Friday, April 16th, 2021

More details coming soon! 

TLDSB PD Day Camps

Friday, June 4th, 2021 

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

More details coming soon! 

Summer Camp

More details coming soon! 


Camp Day: 9 am - 4 pm

Before & After Care Offered for Additional Cost 

Location: 32 Canal Rd, Woodville, ON, K0M 2T0

Ages: 4 Years Plus



- Rider's must wear closed toed shoes with a heel

- Rider's must wear LSE's helmet or supply your own helmet

- Every child must be signed in and out

- Every child must have a waiver signed


Our Camp Day will consist of.... 

Beginner Riders:

Riders who have not ridden before or only comfortable at the walk and trot.

Campers will start by learning the basics of handling their pony/horse safely. Next, we'll start with their one-hour formal English-Riding lessons with leaders, soon mastering the basic skills of riding on their own in a safe environment. Next, with a focus on safety, additional horsemanship activities will be included such as grooming, tacking, feeding, and basic horse care. To finish off the day, riders will participate in horsemanship games/theory, outside group games, singsongs, arts & craft activities.

Intermediate Riders:

Rider’s who are comfortable at walk, trot and just starting to canter.

Intermediate riders will be challenged with advanced horsemanship skill. With their one- hour formal English- Riding lesson, riders will work on building their riding abilities. Following, each rider will have a short course on beginner equine nutrition, show-grooming, basic first aid for horses, and advance horse theory.

Advance Riders:

Rider’s who are comfortable at walk, trot, canter and jumping.

Advanced riders will be tested on their advanced horsemanship skills. With their one – hour formal English- Riding lesson, the instructor will seek answers to why and how their riding capabilities work to make their horse perform. Following, riders will receive an introduction on loading a horse/pony on the trailer. As well, riders will receive a short course on advanced equine nutrition, show grooming, first aid for horses and advanced equine theory.


9:00 am - Sign In and Drop off

9:30 am - First Riding Lesson (Group of 3 or 4), Others will do craft, games and horse theory

11:00 am - First Snack (Please Pack)

11:30 am- Second Riding Lesson (Group of 3 or 4), Others will do crafts, games and horse theory

1 pm - Lunch (Please Pack)

1:30 pm - Third Riding Lesson (Group of 3 or 4), Others will do crafts, games and horse theory

3: 00 pm- Second Snack (Please Pack)

4:00 pm - Sign Out and Pick Up

Please Pack..

  • Extra Clothes (Please Dress for the Weather)
  • Lunch, Snacks and Water
  • Please have everything labelled with your child's name
  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray
  • Hat
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