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Meet Our Ponies

Prince Charming


Prince is a 13 year old, 10 hand, Shetland pony, Gelding. He is our second smallest pony at LSE. He is very cheeky and cute. He loves cuddles and kisses. He also loves to lick you. He is our children's pony and is part of our family. 

Shimmer & Shine


Shimmer is a 11 year old, 13.1h, Welsh Pony, Mare. She is a very cuddly girl who loves to give kisses and teach young riders the basics. She also loves to get nice and dirty rolling in her paddock. She is our unicorn pony who requires lots of showers to keep her white. 

Lunar Eclipse


Luna is a 24 year old, 9 Hand, Miniature/Shetland Pony, Mare. She is our oldest and smallest member to LSE but has many years of experience of being a pony ride pony for birthday parties and events. Don't let her age and size fool you, she has lots of spunk with a go go attitude. She loves kids and is a true princess at heart.  

Sassy Satin


Satin is a 16 year old, 10 Hand, Shetland Cross Pony, Mare. Satin has many years of experience being a kids pony as well as barrel racing. She is very sassy in the paddock with her fellow friends but is a sweetheart to the children. Satin is also out oldest daughters pony and they plan to attend more horse shows together this summer. 

Oreo Cookie


Oreo is a 17 year old, 9 Hand, Minatare Paint Cross, Mare. Oreo has came to us from a local pony ride company that has recently retired. She has many years of experience in both pony rides and petting zoos. She is a very independent pony with a sweetheart for the little kids

All That Jazz


Jazz is a 18 year old, 16 Hand, Paint Clyde Cross, Mare. Jazz has a missing background but as far as we know she has done trail rides in Algonquin Park for beginners and she was a member of a local petting zoo. She is a very lazy laid back mare that also knows how to stand her own ground. She is a big and gentle sweetheart who loves to go on trail rides. 

That's So Raven


Raven is a 13 year old, 15.3 Hand, Thoroughbred, Mare. Raven is a spunky, fun ride. Her career started as a racehorse in the USA but it was not for her. She then was used as a broadmare and has three standing foals. She was previously used as a school horse doing weekly lessons prior to us and will continue to be used in our lesson program with more experienced riders. 



Snickers is a 13 year old, 13.3 h, Halflinger Welsh Cross, Mare. She is very bold and loves to work. She previously was owned and ridden by a youth and has been there done that. Snickers loved to teach young riders the ropes and enjoys jumping.

Victory Round


Niko is a 15 year old, 15.3 h, Mustang, Gelding. He is our newest member to the LSE team. Niko, was purchased for LSE's owner Leanne to get back into ridin​g again. We have high hopes to bring this guy along this year with some deciated work as he is still green broke despite his age. Niko, has displayed a very kind but nervous attitude towards new people but has made a good relationship with Leanne so far. He loves to cuddle, eat mints and boss all the mares around out in the field. 

Kit Kat​ and Kookies​ n​ C​re​am

Kit Kat & Koockie are 1 year old, Boer goats. They are both twin sisters. They love to run aro​und, cuddle and help teach lessons! ​

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