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We Bring Our Ponies to You!!

We do it all—we come with our ponies and all the tack needed. We clean up all our ponies’ “messes” if they happen. Additionally, we bring our coral that is 30'x30'+4' High for the safety of all. 


Outdoor Event Requirements:

40' x 40' Grass area that we can park our trailer with our coral. Our coral attaches to our trailer and is included in our measurement's. We prefer shade if possible to keep our ponies cooler on those hot days. If not, we will set up our 2x 10'x10' Tents. If grass isn't an option we understand, we require to be able to put wood shavings down on the pavement. See picture to the right. To help keep our horses from getting sore hooves. Access to Water for our ponies as well as participants to wash their hands after their rides or petting.

Indoor Events Requirements: 

We prouly offer an indoor pony ride set up as well.  We can adjust our set up to fit your indoor space needed from a min of 20' x 20'. We also put tarps down to protect the terrain as well as wood shavings to protect our ponies. Contact us for more details. 

Event Pricing

 Looking for pony rides for your next event. 

Please contact us for a Quote and our Information Brochure.  

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